May 06

Every Kiss Begins with *Yurk*!

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Let’s ruin a beautiful moment.

Call it karma for Chris setting Lizzy on fire in the “Frat Party” storyline. And honestly, if this ever happened to you, do tell!

Oh yes… help get Sausage-Fest.com more traffic: the good people at College Humor have a link-swap program; the more people click this link, the higher the possibility new visitors will come to this page. Click! Click! Clique!

3 Responses to “Every Kiss Begins with *Yurk*!”

  1. sara. Says:

    So I just click the link in the left column? Can I repeatedly hit the ‘back’ button and keep hitting the link, or does that nullify my previous clicks? Seriously.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Screw College Humor. You should try getting your comic up at Buzzcomix — http://www.buzzcomix.net/ It’s how the dude at Questionable Content got such a strong following.

  3. steph Says:

    i’ve kissed my boyfriend and burped, which is pretty much like barfing when i had a lot of garlic and onions in my dinner… it was gross and juicy and involved an “UGH!”

    i second jeff’s comment on buzzcomix

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