Feb 07

Wear a Coat, Goddammit!

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Alright, alright — I’m back in the game for real this time; I already have a few comics inked and uploaded to the server. So what’s the inspiration? Well, for one thing, my friend Tim Eggerding has been EGG-ERDINGING me on to get off my ass and draw some. Also, friend and fellow DI cartoonist, Joe Martin, is planning to make a comic comeback, and like a comic vampire I am revitalized by the art and skills of others.

So yes, in regards to today’s comic, college girls like to go out to bars wearing nothing. Sexy as it may initially appear, watching naive freshmen and sorority girls get pneumonia is kinda funny.

2 Responses to “Wear a Coat, Goddammit!”

  1. Uber Tim Says:

    Just a few more seeds of the pomegranate before it’s back to spring.

    Good to have some sausage in my life.

  2. sara. Says:

    Phil! It’s great to see the comic back. Let’s see if you stick with it this time…

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