Jul 07

Head On.


Part 2 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Personally, I find those Head On commercials to be pretty goddamn annoying, but I find their advertising strategy to be effective. It’s like hypnotism, except without the act like a chicken part.In addition, the first panel includes a lot of references to past comics: Aaron’s bong as a decorative flower vase and the Xbox 360.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I started using a different font for the comic’s text; “Comic Sans” was just getting stale. Anyhoo, I’d like to thank the good people at DaFont for providing the new font.

4 Responses to “Head On.”

  1. t-bone Says:

    DaFont kicks ass! They have some insane fonts for free.

    oh, and http://bancomicsans.com

  2. Jeff Says:

    I always personally hated Comic Sans, so I welcome the change. Yay new comic! 😀

  3. Jeff Says:

    P.S. You got me, Tim. You and your stupid little link. You got me at work. I hate you so much.

    Wuv, Jeff

  4. t-bone Says:

    Sorry TP. Maybe you should make a visit to http://i.somethingawful.com/u/russ/goldmine20/emo.jpg

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