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Part 4 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Being poor sucks, but what’s more blowful is having really over-protective parents. I remember back in high school, when I’d simply go out to Steak n’ Shake with my friends, my dad would warn me not “to do the ‘X'” (as in “ecstasy”) as he saw the dangers of teen drug abuse on 20/20. Furthermore, back in my younger, fashion-forward college freshman days, I’d wear a sweat-wristband, in which my dad warned, “kids wear those things to say, ‘Hey, I’m available for sex’!” Or so says Barbara Walters.

6 Responses to “Sandwiches.”

  1. Behemoth Says:

    Food does go on trees.
    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple

    p.s. style comes with a price.

  2. phillip retuta Says:

    That was part of the joke, Tim/Todd/Tim.

  3. Vodka Drunkenski Says:

    There’s jokes too now? Jokes and storylines? Things are really taking off here at sausage-fest.com.

  4. Warship Satan Says:

    So that’s why you always wore those wristbands when we’d hang out…?

  5. Cornfed Pig Says:

    I dunno about bracelets, but them gays sure got their hankies down

    If I was a gay, it’d be apricot all the way.

    That’s right I said A GAY.

  6. phillip retuta Says:

    Lil’ Tim: I guess the one-piece dominatrix suit wasn’t obvious enough, I had to resort to my bracelet or leather cuff.

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