Aug 07

Oh, Ceans!


Part 13 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Word of advice: always know the details of the job you’re applying for, especially if it’s in the mental health field. If Sigmund Freud is your interviewer, you know you need to be ultra-qualified.

It’s been a while since the character Lindsey appeared (I think since Halloween 2006). Like the real life character she’s based upon, I drew Lindsey with a cat named Shiar.

Lastly, I’ve drawn some sketches of what Chris would look like if he cleaned up a little and didn’t stuff his messy hair underneath a cap. I think he looks more professional. Now I don’t know if I did it subconsciously, but he looks eerily similar to Jim Halpert from “The Office.”

5 Responses to “Oh, Ceans!”

  1. durkadurka Says:

    What was that shit book I had to read in school where everyone saw in black and white, except for one kid who saw in color, and then he got taken in by some creepy trippy seer dude who saw color and guided him through some shaman bullshit? The Mentor or something like that? Fuck that book. That’s what the first panel made me think. In a world.. where everything is black and white.. one man.. can has a red pen.

    -You like the bed? It’s from France.
    – Louis XIV?
    – No, Louie was the ninth or tenth. But a lady never counts.

  2. phillip retuta Says:


  3. mr. mistoffelees Says:

    are you thinking of Shindler’s list? cause i am. constantly.

  4. Giver Says:

    The Giver is a great book. And the kid couldn’t see color until after the giver taught him to. He also told the kid to stop taking the drugs the world was on so he could get a hard on for his lady friend. And it ended with the kid going sledding.

    -Where you from, Kansas?
    -uh, Kansas.

  5. Sausage-Fest.com Says:

    […] Anyhoo, so here’s a new comic — continuing from over a month ago. […]

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