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From Sausage-Fest to Ghost potato

Concept drawing of the original cast, circa Summer 2003

Originally entitled “Sausage-Fest,” the comic ran from Fall 2003 to Winter 2006 in the Daily Illini, the student newspaper of The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The comic focused on satirizing and spoofing pop culture and the aspects of college living through its large cast of characters -- each character a reflection of your common college stereotype. Since 2007, it has run as a web comic. In 2009, after I relocated to New York City and began attending graduate school, “Sausage-Fest” went on a brief hiatus. Jump forward to 2013, and now the comic has been renamed “Ghost Potato”; let’s face it, I’ve been done with undergrad for quite a while, and Sausage-Fest sounds too much like a porn site. Besides, there’s a reason it’s called “Ghost Potato,” but that won’t be revealed until much much later.
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Phillip Retuta was born in Chicago and raised within its western suburbs. In 2007, graduated from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (where the comic and most of its characters are based from) with a BA in English Literature. In 2009, he moved to New York City to study Design + Technology at Parsons The New School For Design. After graduating with an MFA in 2011, he currently works as a Lead UX/Visual designer at a boutique agency and as a freelance designer. He lives in Brooklyn with his ever faithful pup, Nico Doggerton. He also enjoys guacamole, tattoos, and spending money on Polaroid film.

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