This section contains all the other stuff I couldn't properly put anywhere else: videos, photographs, related projects, behind-the-scenes junk, and links to the graphic novels.

Video: Nigel and Randy Across America


"Nigel and Randy Across America" is a short animation I made during my first year of graduate school at Parsons. It was supposed to be a primer to a larger project, in which I'd send plushies of Randy and Nigel throughout the nation, and people would take photos with them. The animation remained unfinished, and certain portions of the 4:47 movie are merely storyboards and cinematics. During my second year of grad school, I used the animation for my Sound Design final: I added sound effects, music, and the voice talent of my fellow classmate Brett Burton. He voices both Nigel and Randy. Brett, at the time, couldn't do a proper English accent for Nigel (which I originally envisioned), so he gave him a Scottish accent.

Plushies: Renegade Craft Fair Chicago 2008
Based off the characters in my web comic, these plushies were handmade for retail at my booth in Chicago's Renegade Craft Fair. Each toy was stitched by both my own hand and a sewing machine, and they are all constructed with felt and a combination of store-bought cotton fabric and reclaimed, vintage corduroy. The dolls span about 4 inches in diameter. About 25 plushies were made and sold.
GRAPHIC NOVELS: "Whiskey & Pills" and "The Book of Luv"
"Whiskey & Pills: The Freshmen Chronicles" -- published in 2007 -- was my first graphic novel. It's an anthology of all the comics published between Summer 2003 and Winter 2005. "Whiskey & Pills" also contains the unpublished/unfinished storyline "The Rules of Attraction", as well as a slew of extras, character profiles, and artwork. In 2008, I published "The Book of Luv (and other ways not to die alone)" in time its debut at the Renegade Craft Fair. This mini-anthology contains all the love and Valentine-related comics, including the newly written, one-panel "Love Is..." comics. You can purchase both of them at Lulu.com, which I get a profit of 3 or 4 dollars each time some unfortunate sucker buys one. Hey, help me buy an iced coffee!
Printable Greeting Cards: Christmas & Valentine's Day
Here is the collection of printable Christmas and Valentine's Day cards that I've designed over the years, both for the comic and exclusively for Jeffro's Indie Rawk Blog. All the cards are CMYK (design nerds, you know what that means), in .pdf format, and can easily be printed on an 8.5" by 11" sheet -- just fold the crop marks (again, design nerd talk). You can preview each card by clicking the thumbnails.

Anyhoo, I guess most of these cards can be given to anyone on any occasion, but you just might give the wrong impression: I don't know if a 10-year-old can properly understand a bunch of love and sex puns on his or her birthday.

Extra Art

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