Nov 08

Quick Election Day Comic.

Sorry for this comic’s relative lateness and no forbearance to the “Occupational Hazards” arc — it’s been a busy week. Not only was it Halloween, but I did have my portfolio reviewed for grad school, and a certain someone got elected president and spoke in Chicago. So yes, it was quite hectic these past few days.

I got the idea of the “blue glow” over my character Seliena from those ridiculous “holograms” on CNN. Overall, however, it was hard to think of an Obama-related comic. Next week, we’ll resume our regularly scheduled program.

May 06

Just Us Rabbits.

While writing the script for this comic, I realized that Nigel and Randy do look like rabbit heads when they’re upside down.

Did anyone spot the Neil Diamond reference?

And for a small treat, check out the 5 (of 6) promos I’ve created for the site!

May 06

All’s Well That Ends Well.

As you can see, unlike Jeffro, Caitlin can take a punch or two. She’s virtually unharmed after this fight!

She’s evil and manipulative, and her intentions remain a mystery to everyone. Heck, even me, her creator!

Caitlin lights up a cigarette and, as Chris and a wounded Jeffro watch, walks towards the morning sun. A fitting ending, I feel, for what has been a really long and interesting story…

May 06

Duck Fucking.

I started this storyline over three years ago; I left the story unfinished midway through the Murphy’s Pub scenes. When I resumed drawing this story arc, I was forced to resort to Chris’s old design: brown-haired and with no hat. In this comic, however, I decided to use Chris’s current design with the hat.

Site-wise, the categories section is up and running. With the help of some awesome plugins by Hit or Miss and Polymorph, the categories are weighted just like Flickr Tags. Check it out!

Apr 06

Mallard About You.

Ever made out with a duck? IT’S AMAZING.

Nov 05

Your Mom has the Dreaded Asian Bird Flu Virus.

The Asian Bird Flu Virus is great comedic material.

Sep 05

D.I.K. Rush F.A.Q.

Rumor has it that a certain fraternity (on a national scale) has its pledges raise a puppy and kill it off at initiation. Of course, that’s just a rumor, but for any social group that lives by such secretive rules and conduct (like fraternities and sororities), I wouldn’t count these rumors as false.Furthermore, it still amazes me how such party animals can grow up to be the people who run this country…

Sep 05

Duck Hunting.

“Duck Hunt” was — or is — a remarkably fun game. Oh, the memories! They seep through me like a wood varnish!

Speaking of video games, Lindsey is wearing Jill Valentine’s outfit from Resident Evil 3. Good times!

Sep 05

Guns. Save. Life. (But. Kill. Squirrels.)

Just a random idea. The title is inspired by a series of signs (Guns. Save. Life. — poor grammar in my opinion) along Interstate 57 North that promote the use of firearms.

May 05

We Need a Toaster / The Sixth Roommate.

The Sausage-Fest crew gains a 6th roommate, ZCC. In later comics, however, ZCC’s face appears on the toaster; I love drawing his face, namely stippling in his beard.

And so ends year 2.

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