Jul 07

Tim Is 24, I Guess…

It’s my friend Tim’s birthday, so I decided to draw a comic with him in it. There are a lot of inside jokes (engineering stuff, Little Tim’s short stature, etc), so I don’t expect everyone to find this comic drop-on-the-floor-LOL funny.

And don’t think for a second that I’m only drawing comics for friends’ birthdays — I’ll call you ignorant. It may seem that lately I’ve been drawing comics for special events, but COME NEXT MONDAY, I’m starting a new storyline. Furthermore, since I’m all gradu-amated, I’ll be churning out FIVE comics a week. You heard right, deaf-o! FIVE COMICS A WEEK.

…of course, that is until I find a job.

Feb 07

Wear a Coat, Goddammit!

Alright, alright — I’m back in the game for real this time; I already have a few comics inked and uploaded to the server. So what’s the inspiration? Well, for one thing, my friend Tim Eggerding has been EGG-ERDINGING me on to get off my ass and draw some. Also, friend and fellow DI cartoonist, Joe Martin, is planning to make a comic comeback, and like a comic vampire I am revitalized by the art and skills of others.

So yes, in regards to today’s comic, college girls like to go out to bars wearing nothing. Sexy as it may initially appear, watching naive freshmen and sorority girls get pneumonia is kinda funny.

May 06

Tying Up Loose Ends.

Again with the delays! What’s wrong with me? Anyway, it’s always fun to tie up loose ends. In other news, I — along with others — have a gallery opening this Thursday…

Grand Opening
7 pm – 9 pm
Thursday, May 4th
Wings Gallery
425 Fawell Blvd.
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

The show runs through May 2006, and I’ll be showcasing a lot of my Sausage-Fest work. There will be refreshments and (if my package comes in on time), I’ll be giving away free buttons. This is your only chance, my friends, before I inflate the price and charge you all up the ass for Sausage-Fest buttons! SCROOGE MCDUCK!

Apr 06

Meet My New Boyfriend.

Oy! Sorry for the delay. I was swamped with graphic design work yesterday, not to mention that it was also my 23rd birthday.

Jeffro and Caitlin are an even match for each other — at least when it comes to fighting. But, according to the first panel, where does one necessarily find a wrench and a hunting knife in a bar?

On the other hand, Caitlin and Kyle the Duck are a perfect pair: both are moderately sinister and both like to wear black.

Speaking of fashion, I have placed an order to the good people at PureButtons.com for 100 Nigel and Randy 1″ pins. These two are new designs apart from what I had drawn a year ago, so whoever owns the old Nigel and Randy buttons (Pat Doran, I’m looking at your general direction) you may wanna get a hold of these:

Apr 06

Taking Lizzy Home / Szyxgla in the Bathroom.

The “Six Pack” is the name of 6 dorms here in Illinois. To be honest, most of the kids who live there tend to be the rowdiest bunch of partiers on campus — namely because they are the closest to both the campus bars and a primarily Greek neighborhood.

In other news, I’ve finished some artwork of Lizzy and Caitlin. Check it out. I’ve also drawn up some 1″ buttons of Nigel and Randy, and they should be out on sale within the next few weeks.

Apr 06

Realizations Upon Realisations.

I really want to take a trip to Britain and see if the customs I’ve listed here really are true. For instance, I want to know — and this is an open question to anyone from across the Atlantic or just knows their stuff on British culture — if they celebrate their 18th birthdays like Americans celebrate their 21st birthdays.

Of course, we all know that Brit Pop Rock is grossly overrated. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to finish listening to my Tom Vek and Bloc Party CDs…

Apr 06

Chris Develops a Backbone.

Chris’ character, since the beginning, has been pretty naive, passive, and spineless. In this comic, I wanted to give him a backbone, which proves that he has grown as a character.

Lizzy’s dance movements was challenging to draw, so I modelled her body structure after a few photographs of people dancing. How I love Flickr.

Apr 06

Girl Gone Wild.

Drawing Lizzy dancing and Cailtin tackling Jeffro was a task, but I think the comic turned out pretty well.

Of course, drawing Jeffro getting beaten up and Lizzy in any situation is always fun.

Given the situation, I find it odd that the bar will allow a fight to occur and a girl to dance on top of their tables… but, then again, it is a campus bar…

Apr 06

Encounter with the Devil.

While looking back and reading Caitlin’s dialogue, I’ve noticed she sometimes speaks in this “helpless,” cutesy-wutesy vernacular throughout this storyline. In retrospect, the way she talks towards some people masks the inherently evil aspects of the devil-woman.

So why did Jeffro and Caitlin break up? Oh, would you like to know…!

Blood of hospice patients.

Apr 06

Caitlin the Psycho-Bitch Ex-Girlfriend.


And “Drink Miller Lite Mofo!”

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