Jul 07

Occupational Hazards.


Part 1 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Yes, I am going to draw comics full-time again now that I no longer have to worry about school (although finding a real, professional job may take some importance — but not really). As such, this entire storyline revolves around the search, the discovery, and the trials of working. The arc will tie up some loose ends from other arcs, create new plot threads, bring back some old characters, and introduce new ones. I have a lot in store for this comic, so be prepared… or afraid…. well, whatever emotion comes naturally to you.

And Happy Birthday to TWLSB Friend, Tom and fellow cartoonist, Marty. May old age bring wisdom and happiness to your remaining years.

Jul 06

Hiatus Daze #3.

Whatever did happen to Jimmy?

May 06


Ah, but it’s definitely not the end! April Fools… in May!

This is simply a teaser of things to come, and I feel by revealing Caitlin as Lizzy’s roommate will only brew trouble for everyone. As you can see, not only does she lie to Lizzy, but Caitlin also set her up with Duder! It’s fun to make a character so deliciously evil.

What are Caitlin’s intentions and is everyone who comes in contact with her an unwilling pawn in her diabolical game of backgammon?

Apr 06

Mallard About You.

Ever made out with a duck? IT’S AMAZING.

Apr 06

Meet My New Boyfriend.

Oy! Sorry for the delay. I was swamped with graphic design work yesterday, not to mention that it was also my 23rd birthday.

Jeffro and Caitlin are an even match for each other — at least when it comes to fighting. But, according to the first panel, where does one necessarily find a wrench and a hunting knife in a bar?

On the other hand, Caitlin and Kyle the Duck are a perfect pair: both are moderately sinister and both like to wear black.

Speaking of fashion, I have placed an order to the good people at PureButtons.com for 100 Nigel and Randy 1″ pins. These two are new designs apart from what I had drawn a year ago, so whoever owns the old Nigel and Randy buttons (Pat Doran, I’m looking at your general direction) you may wanna get a hold of these:

Apr 06

Girl Gone Wild.

Drawing Lizzy dancing and Cailtin tackling Jeffro was a task, but I think the comic turned out pretty well.

Of course, drawing Jeffro getting beaten up and Lizzy in any situation is always fun.

Given the situation, I find it odd that the bar will allow a fight to occur and a girl to dance on top of their tables… but, then again, it is a campus bar…

Apr 06

OJ Simpson Versus Queen Scorpion Woman / This Bud’s for You.

Needless to say, this was a fun comic to draw.

In other news, Pat Doran fractured his elbow and asked me to draw his comics for the week. He wrote the dialogue but gave me full reign on the art. You can check out the comics here.

Apr 06


In this comic, I tried to build some tension between Jeffro and Caitlin and even tried to allude to as-of-yet-unrevealed backstory to their history (like why Jeffro really doesn’t have a nose).

As for the Coldplay reference, I think a lot of music hipsters are saddened by the fact that they are getting really popular. For me, I’ve always have and always will support those awkward British chaps. I’m just sad that their concert tickets are outrageously expensive now.

Apr 06

Encounter with the Devil.

While looking back and reading Caitlin’s dialogue, I’ve noticed she sometimes speaks in this “helpless,” cutesy-wutesy vernacular throughout this storyline. In retrospect, the way she talks towards some people masks the inherently evil aspects of the devil-woman.

So why did Jeffro and Caitlin break up? Oh, would you like to know…!

Blood of hospice patients.

Apr 06

Caitlin the Psycho-Bitch Ex-Girlfriend.


And “Drink Miller Lite Mofo!”

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