Feb 08

Valentine’s Day Cards 2008.

Here are the Valentine’s Day cards for this year, and if you haven’t noticed, you can find the last four years’ worth of VD cards to the left of this page in two printable PDFs. You can also download a printable, colored PDF version of the 2008 Valentine’s right here: VD 2008 (5.7MB).

And if you just want to see the previous Valentine’s Day comics, simply click this link.

New comic tomorrow, so stay tuned. HVD, folks… that means “Happy Valentine’s Day”, not a new sexually-transmitted cervical disease.

Jun 04

Father’s Day Cards!

Much like the Valentine’s Day Cards, I created some for Father’s Day. And, for your information, “The Silver Bullet” is an infamous strip club here in Champaign-Urbana.

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