Jul 07

Occupational Hazards.


Part 1 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Yes, I am going to draw comics full-time again now that I no longer have to worry about school (although finding a real, professional job may take some importance — but not really). As such, this entire storyline revolves around the search, the discovery, and the trials of working. The arc will tie up some loose ends from other arcs, create new plot threads, bring back some old characters, and introduce new ones. I have a lot in store for this comic, so be prepared… or afraid…. well, whatever emotion comes naturally to you.

And Happy Birthday to TWLSB Friend, Tom and fellow cartoonist, Marty. May old age bring wisdom and happiness to your remaining years.

Jul 07

Tim Is 24, I Guess…

It’s my friend Tim’s birthday, so I decided to draw a comic with him in it. There are a lot of inside jokes (engineering stuff, Little Tim’s short stature, etc), so I don’t expect everyone to find this comic drop-on-the-floor-LOL funny.

And don’t think for a second that I’m only drawing comics for friends’ birthdays — I’ll call you ignorant. It may seem that lately I’ve been drawing comics for special events, but COME NEXT MONDAY, I’m starting a new storyline. Furthermore, since I’m all gradu-amated, I’ll be churning out FIVE comics a week. You heard right, deaf-o! FIVE COMICS A WEEK.

…of course, that is until I find a job.

Apr 07

A Blind Date’s Shortcomings.

T.O.E. is a caricature of my friend Lil’ Tim — an electrical engineering grad student from Memphis (hence the slight Southern accent) who’s into death metal and is (surprisingly) pretty short. It’s his birthday today, and I promised him that I’d finally draw a comic.

Love it, like it.

Feb 07

Valentine’s Day Cards 2007!

It’s that time of year again: printable, cuttable, giveable Valentine’s Day Cards! Thanks to Tim, Todd, Tim, and Jeff for inspiring me with some of the cards.For more Valentine’s Day action, check out previous years’ cards:

  • Valentines 2006.
  • Valentines 2005.
  • Valentines 2005, again.
  • Valentines 2004.
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    Mar 06

    Art of Seduction: Attempt #4.

    My apologies for the lack of updates; Spring Break and all. Anyway, during my week-long absence, I’ve updated the FAQ and the About/Acknowledgements section with some new material. I hope you guys enjoy them, because it was really fun writing them.

    As for this specific comic, I drew it at the Daily Illini office, and I didn’t have access to the filters/custom shapes that I regularly used on my home computer. Hence, the text bubbles are much simpler.

    On a side note, my friend Chris Rojas said that Cyrus is pretty popular with the Nuclear Engineers at UIUC. Maybe Cyrus’ personality and demeanor isn’t that far from the truth…?

    Mar 06

    Cyrus is in the Game.

    I cheated on this one; I used old stock images of some of the characters to produce this comic. Very “I Hate Pam”. This was also the very first appearance of Kyle’s Smashtastic Destructo-Bot, the killer senior engineering project who plays a pivotal role in “The End of the Road” story arc of Spring 2005.

    Nov 05
    Oct 05

    Nigel and Randy: Throughout History: Volume 1.

    It was incredibly fun to draw and photoshop this comic. It also demonstrates exactly how old Nigel and Randy are… then again, they are supposed to be timeless and immortal.

    May 05

    We Need a Toaster / The Sixth Roommate.

    The Sausage-Fest crew gains a 6th roommate, ZCC. In later comics, however, ZCC’s face appears on the toaster; I love drawing his face, namely stippling in his beard.

    And so ends year 2.

    Apr 05

    Doom Doom Doom Doom.

    The lyrics are from Alkaline Trio’s “Mercy Me.” At the time, the real ZCC was into that song.

    In this comic, I wanted to include something with Optimus Prime, “Death Missiles of Annihilation,” and Anime Mecha-style missile attacks.

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