Aug 07

Their Reasons (Or An Introduction to IPAWD).


Part 11 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


So here we go again after a week-long hiatus.

I wanted to have Joe Stalin, an old fan favorite, make an appearance after his departure as Chris’ roommate. I also wanted to further explore Chris’ rationale for getting a job and introduce IPAWD as an up-and-coming evil organization that will be the driving antagonistic force behind the comic.

In regards to the first panel, a friend told me she went to a shooting range that offered zombie targets. I think that is awesome.

Feb 07

Helen Keller.

I’m pretty swamped with midterms and papers, so I apologize for lackluster comics these next few days. And Happy Birthday, Todd Borrowman — you’ve attained fame in the comics.

Jun 06


I’LL UPDATE WHENVEVER I WANT — which, luckily for you, is today. I’m continuing the whole “Oakley Cupid Introduction” story arc, starting with how Oakley lost his eye.

So what have I been doing during my unexpected absence? The usual, you know… drugs, sex, and marauding the streets with crowbars. I’ve also resumed working on the first official Sausage-Fest book, “Whiskey and Pills,” after my friend Allan kept asking me about it. It will definitely come out this late summer/fall since I have finally gathered all the comics I needed to include (for instance, the “Rules of Attraction” storyline). I’ve also decided to rework some of the material, like the cover and the written parts.

I’ve also drawn/pressed 7, 1-inch Sausage-Fest buttons. Now you can be stylish AND funny!

Once I get the store all set up, you can buy them for US$1.00 each or US$5.00 for all seven. More goodies, surprises, and news within the next following days, and I promise you, more art and comics!

Dec 05

What Can’t the New XBox Do?

I loved drawing this comic.

Nov 05
Oct 05

Nigel and Randy: Throughout History: Volume 1.

It was incredibly fun to draw and photoshop this comic. It also demonstrates exactly how old Nigel and Randy are… then again, they are supposed to be timeless and immortal.

Sep 05

If AIM Profiles Ruled the World 2.

People really seemed to enjoy the whole “If AIM Profiles Ruled the World” comic from last year, so in honor of the internet-themed week of comics, here is the new “If AIM Profiles Ruled the World.”

Sep 05

Inspired by MichaelMoore.com, CNN, The Village Voice, and Caroline Mitgang.

I was apprehensive, at first, about publishing this comic. I didn’t want to appear too insensitive or trivialize such a horrible tragedy. However, after watching the news — especially the angry remarks from the New Orleans mayor — and reading up on some stuff on the web, I felt compelled to criticize the government’s apparent apathetic reaction.I’m trying to see all of this on an objective level, despite my liberal point-of-views. Yes, this was a tremendous catastrophe that would have happened even if we were prepared and no, Bush had no way of stopping the hurricane; it’s fucking mother nature. Nevertheless, the government’s way of handling the aftermath of Katrina was incredibly idiotic and disgusting. I sympathize with the New Orlean residents’ anger, sadness, and resentment.

Sep 05

This Firehaus is Outta Control.

The Firehaus is a campus bar that has been under construction for about 4 or 5 years. Everytime students pass by the building, we wonder when the hell it would open. Coincidentally, the Firehaus officially opened (after much surprise) a few weeks later.I’d like to think this comic played a role in its opening.

The title also comes from a Franz Ferdinand song.

May 05

A Box of Legos.

This was around the time when Pope John Paul II and comedian Mitch Hedberg passed away.

Lastly, it’s really cool that Death likes to play the PS2 and has pigtails.

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