Aug 07

Their Reasons (Or An Introduction to IPAWD).


Part 11 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


So here we go again after a week-long hiatus.

I wanted to have Joe Stalin, an old fan favorite, make an appearance after his departure as Chris’ roommate. I also wanted to further explore Chris’ rationale for getting a job and introduce IPAWD as an up-and-coming evil organization that will be the driving antagonistic force behind the comic.

In regards to the first panel, a friend told me she went to a shooting range that offered zombie targets. I think that is awesome.

Jul 07

Occupational Hazards.


Part 1 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Yes, I am going to draw comics full-time again now that I no longer have to worry about school (although finding a real, professional job may take some importance — but not really). As such, this entire storyline revolves around the search, the discovery, and the trials of working. The arc will tie up some loose ends from other arcs, create new plot threads, bring back some old characters, and introduce new ones. I have a lot in store for this comic, so be prepared… or afraid…. well, whatever emotion comes naturally to you.

And Happy Birthday to TWLSB Friend, Tom and fellow cartoonist, Marty. May old age bring wisdom and happiness to your remaining years.

Feb 05
Apr 04

Things to Do When You Graduate and You’re Still Unemployed.

People don’t think about it, but after graduation is scary. This comic serves as a reminder, as well as stuff this comic with as many characters as possible.

Dec 03

Guys, We Need to Talk.

End of the semester cliffhanger: I pretend to kill off all my characters. And there’s nothing better to say Happy Holidays than by exploding people.

Dec 03

Kyle the Duck.

The formal introduction of Kyle the Duck since his first appearance in “The Engineering Saga”. This comic also exhibits Kyle’s demeanor.

Dec 03

Joe Stalin Departs.

Another short storyline. I realize I haven’t used Joe Stalin that much as a character, but that can change at any time.

Oct 03

Halloween Tips.

It’s a proven fact that a lot of college students dress up in ridiculous costumes and go out to Halloween parties.

On a less ridiculous but all too redundant note, why do college girls always dress up as a cat for Halloween? When I saw “The Office” Halloween episode in 2005, I couldn’t stop laughing when all the females came to work dressed up as cats.

Oct 03

Introducing Drunk Mom.

I have a friend whose parents would come down and visit him in college, and buy him and his friends cases of beer. Together, they’d get drunk… And so, Drunk Mom was born.

In regards to her design, I wanted Drunk Mom to have sagging boobs and a small potbelly. Also, I wanted her to look like she’s “trying too hard to remain young”, so I gave her a tank-top.

Sep 03

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