Jul 07

Occupational Hazards.


Part 1 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Yes, I am going to draw comics full-time again now that I no longer have to worry about school (although finding a real, professional job may take some importance — but not really). As such, this entire storyline revolves around the search, the discovery, and the trials of working. The arc will tie up some loose ends from other arcs, create new plot threads, bring back some old characters, and introduce new ones. I have a lot in store for this comic, so be prepared… or afraid…. well, whatever emotion comes naturally to you.

And Happy Birthday to TWLSB Friend, Tom and fellow cartoonist, Marty. May old age bring wisdom and happiness to your remaining years.

Feb 07


While stalking some of my creative writing friends on Facebook, I’ve noticed some really glaring spelling errors in their profiles. In the past, I’ve always thought that misspellings and typos were just limited to my one, creative writing major friend, Zach (what can I say, he was dropped as a child), but after reading other rhetoric majors’ written drafts as well as anything written on their MySpace/Livejournal/Facebook stuff, almost all of my creative writing friends aren’t the most accurate spellers. I suppose rhetoric classes are not about writing properly but rather how well you can incorporate the themes of sex, death, and/or depression into your work.

Mar 06

Cyrus is in the Game.

I cheated on this one; I used old stock images of some of the characters to produce this comic. Very “I Hate Pam”. This was also the very first appearance of Kyle’s Smashtastic Destructo-Bot, the killer senior engineering project who plays a pivotal role in “The End of the Road” story arc of Spring 2005.

Aug 05

Obligatory Student Introductions.

Don’t you find those obligatory student introductions on the first day of class so interesting? Personally, I like making up stories.This is also one of the few times Duder has not appeared with his harem.

Apr 05

Doom Doom Doom Doom.

The lyrics are from Alkaline Trio’s “Mercy Me.” At the time, the real ZCC was into that song.

In this comic, I wanted to include something with Optimus Prime, “Death Missiles of Annihilation,” and Anime Mecha-style missile attacks.

Apr 05

I Like the Word “Amok.”

All senior engineering students have to design and work on a final project. They often have a company sponsor their final projects.

Also, for your information, LAS stands for “Liberal Arts and Sciences,” and LAS majors remain rivals to engineering students.

I also must reiterate that I like the word “amok.”

Oct 04

This Is College.

A cynical, existentialistic look on college.

Oct 04

Plotting Against.

I drew all my professors at the time.

Nov 03

Best Way to End a Storyline? Get Eaten by a Whale.

Getting eaten by a white whale: a total cop-out ending, but hey, whatever. At least Dusty is spared.

Nov 03

This Is Why They Can’t Get Along.

Being chased by engineers and killer robots is situation you never want to put yourself in.

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