Nov 08

Quick Election Day Comic.

Sorry for this comic’s relative lateness and no forbearance to the “Occupational Hazards” arc — it’s been a busy week. Not only was it Halloween, but I did have my portfolio reviewed for grad school, and a certain someone got elected president and spoke in Chicago. So yes, it was quite hectic these past few days.

I got the idea of the “blue glow” over my character Seliena from those ridiculous “holograms” on CNN. Overall, however, it was hard to think of an Obama-related comic. Next week, we’ll resume our regularly scheduled program.

Jan 08

Jeffro’s “…Top 20 Albums Of 2007” Part 2.

If you look really, really closely, all of my favorite albums are in the background of the comic. I mean, sure, you can get unspeakably observant (read: nit-picky) and find out which albums made my Top 20 list — saving you, the reader, the time from actually coming back here each day. Of course, where’s the love?

Feb 07

Like Lemmings.

So the University is getting rid of its mascot, Chief Illinwek. It’s not like I care or anything, but it’s a good way to photoshop a lot of the U of I Whores into a rather quick comic. By Friday (I’ll be done with most of my tests and papers) I should have some better quality comics.

Feb 07

Valentine’s Day Cards 2007!

It’s that time of year again: printable, cuttable, giveable Valentine’s Day Cards! Thanks to Tim, Todd, Tim, and Jeff for inspiring me with some of the cards.For more Valentine’s Day action, check out previous years’ cards:

  • Valentines 2006.
  • Valentines 2005.
  • Valentines 2005, again.
  • Valentines 2004.
  • 09
    Feb 07

    Frighteningly True Stories: Volume 9: Smoke Off.

    Based on a story my friend told me.

    Dec 06

    Christmas Cards 2006!

    No, I’m not dead. I’m like the Jesus; I always come back.

    Oct 06

    Plan B.

    Here’s a word of advice: never underestimate small, cute creatures with bows on their heads; they may be packing a rocket launcher.

    Friday is the semi-spectacular conclusion to the Oakley Cupid/”Love is in the Air” storyline, which will probably raise more questions than a resolution.

    Jun 06


    I’LL UPDATE WHENVEVER I WANT — which, luckily for you, is today. I’m continuing the whole “Oakley Cupid Introduction” story arc, starting with how Oakley lost his eye.

    So what have I been doing during my unexpected absence? The usual, you know… drugs, sex, and marauding the streets with crowbars. I’ve also resumed working on the first official Sausage-Fest book, “Whiskey and Pills,” after my friend Allan kept asking me about it. It will definitely come out this late summer/fall since I have finally gathered all the comics I needed to include (for instance, the “Rules of Attraction” storyline). I’ve also decided to rework some of the material, like the cover and the written parts.

    I’ve also drawn/pressed 7, 1-inch Sausage-Fest buttons. Now you can be stylish AND funny!

    Once I get the store all set up, you can buy them for US$1.00 each or US$5.00 for all seven. More goodies, surprises, and news within the next following days, and I promise you, more art and comics!

    May 06

    Oakley Cupid.

    Now in GIF format! While messing around with the file types, I found out that publishing the comics in GIF format essentially provides the same picture quality at a smaller size.Oakley Cupid is a spoof of Ok Cupid, that quiz/online dating site whom so many MySpacers, LJers, and Xangaists put their quiz results on their blogs. As you can see, I wanted Oakley to be a combination of both Nigel and Randy. Oakley is an angel like Nigel, but his occupation includes sex, passion, and temptation — things Randy would appreciate. Other sources of inspiration include the following:
    Molotov Cocktease from “Venture Bros.”
    Kurt Russell.
    Golobulus from GI Joe: The Movie.

    Eye-patches are sexy.

    It wasn’t easy trying to draw the machine gun (I even had to do some firearm research in order to get the facts straight), and drawing all those little hearts strained my hand a bit. I’m not asking for pity, but a reasonable amount of money wouldn’t be bad.

    May 06

    It’s Almost Summer.

    So here’s the new format for all future comics… what do you guys think?

    I’m going to switch up the colors once in a while, but like this comic, I’m going to stick to a single chromatic color — nothing too elaborate.

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