Feb 08

Puppet Show.

A quick comic for my friends Todd and Christina. It’s Todd’s birthday today, and was recently Christina’s, too, but I was a bit preoccupied to send out a card I bought for her. So yeah, today’s comic is a little inside-jokey (is that even a legitimate word?), but I don’t care. It’s late, I don’t want to write anymore, and even though I’m not entirely satisfied with how the comic turned out, I’m content that it’s done.

Continuing with the storyline next.

Oct 07

Occupational Funks.


Part 15 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Oh, hello. Long time no see. With Halloween coming up, I’m really excited to produce some themed comics. The problem is, there are a few new characters in this particular storyline (“Occupational Hazards“) that I want to introduce before I draw any Halloween comic. Simply put, I don’t want to show new, pivotal characters without a proper introduction. Consequently, I’m forcing making myself draw enough “Occupational Hazards” comics just in time to take a break from the arc and produce strips for All Hallow’s Eve.

With that said, I intend to put out a new comic every weekday all this week and the next. No bullshit, just art and humor. I already have a few done and/or planned out, so stay tuned.

Also take notice of a lot of old characters popping up in the next few weeks. Nigel, for instance, hasn’t officially appeared since last summer’s “Love Is In The Air” storyline. Big things are planned for many of these lost and forgotten characters. Big things, indeed!

Jul 07

Drug Trafficking Is A Job, Too.


Part 8 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


This comic is dedicated to a certain former roommate who happened to dread a certain drug test after being exposed to some certain second-hand marijuana smoke at a certain music festival.

I’m starting to think it’s time to give a sense of space and geography in regards to the comic, especially the space within Chris’ apartment. So yes, his roommate Aaron has a bunch of drug crops in his bedroom. Big deal. The real character he’s based on is apparently a drug dealer now, but you didn’t hear that from me. Especially if you’re a cop.

The “I Heart Drug” poster is a reference to a past comic. Originally, I couldn’t fit the “s” at the end of “Drug” due to a lack of space, but I think it’s exclusion adds a little charm to a poster that advocates casual to heavy drug use.

And lastly, I’d like to mention that I am absolutely in love with the band Voxtrot. I saw them live recently, and I strongly urge you to listen to them. Of course, I only mentioned them here to either generate discussion or successfully get some hits from wayward visitors searching for “Voxtrot” on Google.

Jul 07

Fuck This Shit, I Need A Fucking Cigarette.


Part 7 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Because Tourette’s and nicotine addiction are funny. And as for the title, “Fuck This Shit, I Need A Fucking Cigarette,” I was thinking of making that slogan into a pin (the second set of SF pins).

And if you don’t recall, the reason Aaron is stuffing sandwiches into ZCC’s toaster slots is this. See? Full circle.

Feb 07

Frighteningly True Stories: Volume 9: Smoke Off.

Based on a story my friend told me.

May 06

It’s Almost Summer.

So here’s the new format for all future comics… what do you guys think?

I’m going to switch up the colors once in a while, but like this comic, I’m going to stick to a single chromatic color — nothing too elaborate.

May 06


Ah, but it’s definitely not the end! April Fools… in May!

This is simply a teaser of things to come, and I feel by revealing Caitlin as Lizzy’s roommate will only brew trouble for everyone. As you can see, not only does she lie to Lizzy, but Caitlin also set her up with Duder! It’s fun to make a character so deliciously evil.

What are Caitlin’s intentions and is everyone who comes in contact with her an unwilling pawn in her diabolical game of backgammon?

May 06

All’s Well That Ends Well.

As you can see, unlike Jeffro, Caitlin can take a punch or two. She’s virtually unharmed after this fight!

She’s evil and manipulative, and her intentions remain a mystery to everyone. Heck, even me, her creator!

Caitlin lights up a cigarette and, as Chris and a wounded Jeffro watch, walks towards the morning sun. A fitting ending, I feel, for what has been a really long and interesting story…

Apr 06

It Could Get A Lot Worse.

Finally! The formal introduction of Caitlin the Psycho-Bitch Ex-Girlfriend! She’s one of my favorite characters — so evil and so dark. Plus, drawing the broken heart symbol and her long bangs is utter art joy.

Oct 05

The Anatomy of Nigel and Randy.

A lot of people ask what exactly are Nigel and Randy, physically. Well, folks, here’s your answer.

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