Feb 07


It’s been a while since Cyrus the Whiny Nuclear Engineer and Kelly the Nympho made an appearance. Anyhoo, this comic was supposed to be published on Monday as a pre-Valentine’s Day comic, but it took longer to ink than I expected. Plus the little hearts were a bitch to draw.

Dec 06

Christmas Cards 2006!

No, I’m not dead. I’m like the Jesus; I always come back.

Oct 06

Monster Mash.

Happy Halloween! Tomorrow, on actual Halloween, I’ll post another spook-tacular comic.In terms of updating on a regular basis, midterms are pretty much done, and I’ve almost recovered from the flu. In other words, with school and these mortal curses out of the way, I should be able to update regularly.

Oct 06

Love is in the Air.

The thrilling conclusion, kinda! More characters, more questions, and more lovesick drama with a mix o’ humour!

I really enjoyed drawing this comic, although inking everything was a bitch — especially when my hand and arm were a little shakey after drinking a lot of caffeine (damn your delicious addictiveness, Full Throttle!). The guns, in particular, were really fun to draw just because drawing firearms asserts my masculine and violent side.

Other small details:

  • The boarded up hole in the guys’ apartment is a result of a giant, toaster-headed robot breaking through the wall.
  • The “Doran” sound in the fourth panel is a tribute to fellow cartoonist, Pat Doran.
  • Both Kyle and reincarnated ZCC are visible in Chris’s photo, indicating that Chris and Lizzy have retained their friendship after “The Rules of Attraction” Storyline (in which Lizzy hardly makes an appearance after its conclusion).
  • There is a Broken Social Scene poster on Chris’s wall. I am seeing them tomorrow, and I am very excited.
  • I just started watching “Veronica Mars.” Damn you Christina and Shane!
  • Though I do want to slowly ease myself out of the usual college humor of my older comics, it’s obvious that all events still take place at my University, U of I.
  • Random, non-linear comics starting Friday (minus Randy of course), so stay tuned!
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    Jul 06

    Hiatus Daze #4.

    I just got back from California, but I do have a few comics ready to scan and upload. In the meantime, here are a few photos of Nigel and Randy in Cali. Enjoy the rest of the photos here.

    nigel in california!

    nigel and randy at the beach

    by the ball

    randy with a nippled batman

    no smoking

    randy and nigel with victoria secret models


    Jun 06

    Nigel, Interrupted.

    If you wanna grow in comedy, you have to take your shots at celebrities.

    May 06

    Oakley Cupid.

    Now in GIF format! While messing around with the file types, I found out that publishing the comics in GIF format essentially provides the same picture quality at a smaller size.Oakley Cupid is a spoof of Ok Cupid, that quiz/online dating site whom so many MySpacers, LJers, and Xangaists put their quiz results on their blogs. As you can see, I wanted Oakley to be a combination of both Nigel and Randy. Oakley is an angel like Nigel, but his occupation includes sex, passion, and temptation — things Randy would appreciate. Other sources of inspiration include the following:
    Molotov Cocktease from “Venture Bros.”
    Kurt Russell.
    Golobulus from GI Joe: The Movie.

    Eye-patches are sexy.

    It wasn’t easy trying to draw the machine gun (I even had to do some firearm research in order to get the facts straight), and drawing all those little hearts strained my hand a bit. I’m not asking for pity, but a reasonable amount of money wouldn’t be bad.

    Apr 06

    Realizations Upon Realisations.

    I really want to take a trip to Britain and see if the customs I’ve listed here really are true. For instance, I want to know — and this is an open question to anyone from across the Atlantic or just knows their stuff on British culture — if they celebrate their 18th birthdays like Americans celebrate their 21st birthdays.

    Of course, we all know that Brit Pop Rock is grossly overrated. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to finish listening to my Tom Vek and Bloc Party CDs…

    Mar 06

    My Date with Duder.

    Frat boys…!

    On a completely unrelated note, I have painted (more like spray painted) some new stuff here. Okay, time to make a pizza. Nite y’all!

    Dec 05

    Merrhappy Holichristmakwanzaakuh!

    Ah, the last comic to be published in the Daily Illini. If I knew this was it, I would have gone out a bit more gracefully. Oh well.

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