Oct 06

Love is in the Air.

The thrilling conclusion, kinda! More characters, more questions, and more lovesick drama with a mix o’ humour!

I really enjoyed drawing this comic, although inking everything was a bitch — especially when my hand and arm were a little shakey after drinking a lot of caffeine (damn your delicious addictiveness, Full Throttle!). The guns, in particular, were really fun to draw just because drawing firearms asserts my masculine and violent side.

Other small details:

  • The boarded up hole in the guys’ apartment is a result of a giant, toaster-headed robot breaking through the wall.
  • The “Doran” sound in the fourth panel is a tribute to fellow cartoonist, Pat Doran.
  • Both Kyle and reincarnated ZCC are visible in Chris’s photo, indicating that Chris and Lizzy have retained their friendship after “The Rules of Attraction” Storyline (in which Lizzy hardly makes an appearance after its conclusion).
  • There is a Broken Social Scene poster on Chris’s wall. I am seeing them tomorrow, and I am very excited.
  • I just started watching “Veronica Mars.” Damn you Christina and Shane!
  • Though I do want to slowly ease myself out of the usual college humor of my older comics, it’s obvious that all events still take place at my University, U of I.
  • Random, non-linear comics starting Friday (minus Randy of course), so stay tuned!

  • 4 Responses to “Love is in the Air.”

    1. sara. Says:

      I’m a little intrigued as to how you will keep things going without Randy (however, I have a feeling he’ll reappear eventually). Yeah Beirut! Do you even like Beirut?

    2. retuta Says:

      Beirut is good. I saw him last Friday with Xtina and Jefe.

    3. Jeff Says:

      So wait, is Randy really dead? Stop rocking my world!

      FYI: Beirut sucked.

    4. Sausage-Fest.com Says:

      […] October 16, 2007. Six Months Ago. Randy’s fate remained questionable after the end of this comic. Of course, even in this new one, his fate is […]

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