Jul 07

The Beginning of a Goodbye.


Part 6 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


You know you can’t have a good and proper storyline without some sort of complication between the main character and his love interest. So there; some idea where this arc is heading.

Jul 07

The Footlong As A Euphemism.


Part 5 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Likewise, it’s been awhile since Duder made a formal appearance in the comic (although his Harem did appear sometime in early February). Plus, it was kind of hard to make Subway sandwiches even remotely sexual, but I feel I accomplished it here.

Jul 07



Part 4 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Being poor sucks, but what’s more blowful is having really over-protective parents. I remember back in high school, when I’d simply go out to Steak n’ Shake with my friends, my dad would warn me not “to do the ‘X'” (as in “ecstasy”) as he saw the dangers of teen drug abuse on 20/20. Furthermore, back in my younger, fashion-forward college freshman days, I’d wear a sweat-wristband, in which my dad warned, “kids wear those things to say, ‘Hey, I’m available for sex’!” Or so says Barbara Walters.

Jul 07

Fatty Fat Fat Fat.


Part 3 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


A little bit more information on Lizzy’s personal life. Actually, it’s been quite some time since Chris’ unattainable love interest made an appearance in the comic. As for Jared’s cameo, doesn’t he look rubber-faced even after losing all that weight?

One more thing: for all you web-savvy people out there, there is an RSS feed for the comic. You can either find it on the menu to the left or simply click here.

Jul 07

Head On.


Part 2 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Personally, I find those Head On commercials to be pretty goddamn annoying, but I find their advertising strategy to be effective. It’s like hypnotism, except without the act like a chicken part.In addition, the first panel includes a lot of references to past comics: Aaron’s bong as a decorative flower vase and the Xbox 360.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I started using a different font for the comic’s text; “Comic Sans” was just getting stale. Anyhoo, I’d like to thank the good people at DaFont for providing the new font.

Feb 07

Once You Pop…

You know, I had always found that Pringles were addictive — hence its slogan, “Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop.” Honestly, it’s crack in the form of tasty potato crisps.

Oct 06

Old Time’s Sake.

The last time Nigel and Randy were at Yurkanigan’s was when they had to deal with Jimmy the Voice of Indifference and Apathy. Coincidentally, Oakley Cupid — like Jimmy — is another metaphysical being that have crossed paths with Nigel and Randy.

Now, if you don’t know this or you’re just as dull and dim-witted as a rock, “Yurkanigan’s” is a cross between the restaurant chain, “Bennigan’s” and my old, DI comic buddy, Matt Yurkanin. He wrote the strip “Thoughtless” back in what I consider the “Golden Age” of Daily Illini comics. You can check out his old strips here at Collegiate Comics.

May 06

Just Us Rabbits.

While writing the script for this comic, I realized that Nigel and Randy do look like rabbit heads when they’re upside down.

Did anyone spot the Neil Diamond reference?

And for a small treat, check out the 5 (of 6) promos I’ve created for the site!

Apr 06

Mallard About You.

Ever made out with a duck? IT’S AMAZING.

Apr 06

Realizations Upon Realisations.

I really want to take a trip to Britain and see if the customs I’ve listed here really are true. For instance, I want to know — and this is an open question to anyone from across the Atlantic or just knows their stuff on British culture — if they celebrate their 18th birthdays like Americans celebrate their 21st birthdays.

Of course, we all know that Brit Pop Rock is grossly overrated. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to finish listening to my Tom Vek and Bloc Party CDs…

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