Nov 03


A quickie comic. Anyway, ACES is a not-so-difficult major here at Illinois. EOH stands for the Engineering Open House, where engineering students showcase their work and invite prospective high school students to campus. Boneyard Creek is a small stream that runs through the campus, and apparently engineering students have to calculate the flow of its water.

Nov 03


I’ve done my research when it came to writing this storyline, and all of the facts are real (well, maybe except the soul stuff).

And I couldn’t help but put in a Monty Python reference…

Nov 03

The Enginerds (BIZARRO!)

More central characters (who may just be the Bizarro counterparts of Chris’s Roommates!

Nov 03

Like a Brick.

I wanted to portray Dusty as an older-brother type-person for Chris.

As for the equation itself: “X+t / (3-w^t) e[p+3x-f]^N”

Nov 03

Ducks and Dusty.

The formal introduction of Kyle the Duck and Dusty, both of whom play important roles in future events.

And yes, U of I does offer something called “Duck Engineering.”

Nov 03

Truth Be Told.

Just experimenting with photoshop. It wasn’t easy to manipulate the Grainger statue that sits in front of the library.

Nov 03

Let The Floggings Begin.

The beginning of another lengthy story arc that provides the exposition of several new but fundamental characters…

There’s always been an unspoken competition between U of I’s Engineering and Liberal Arts & Sciences schools. Each one thinks it’s better than the other: engineering students feel that LAS kids are lazy, drunk, and far too laid-back to handle engineering. On the other hand, LAS students think engineers are anti-social, pompous, working machines.

Sentiments like that prevent world peace and racial harmony… but, in retrospect, drawing this comic eggs everyone on.

Sep 03

Phil is Too Lazy to Put Effort into His Work Day.

The “Too Lazy To Work” series are pre-planned strips just in case I’m too busy to draw a new one. In my opinion, they’re pretty funny in itself. Simplicity can be great.

Sep 03
Sep 03

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