May 06

It’s Almost Summer.

So here’s the new format for all future comics… what do you guys think?

I’m going to switch up the colors once in a while, but like this comic, I’m going to stick to a single chromatic color — nothing too elaborate.

8 Responses to “It’s Almost Summer.”

  1. Dave C Says:

    I like the colors, but now I have to scrollll!

  2. Jeff Says:

    I like the colors, too. Also, the word balloons with out borders. However, I think that if you do the color-scheme thing, I think you should also put broader outlines around the characters, just to prevent them from blending in with the backgrounds too much.

  3. retuta Says:

    The word balloons were a fluke, actually. I scanned the comic at 30%, and I originally wanted to go for really thin borders (like 3px). At that size, however, even the thinnest borders looked too broad, so I just went 0px. Next time…

  4. Jeff Says:

    Where’s my Wednesday comic, bitch?! ;D

  5. retuta Says:

    Tis coming, my little indie rawk man.

  6. sara. Says:

    I like the monochromacity. Everything looks more 3-dimensional. Speaking of three-dimensional, the shading around the text bubbles looks great. It made a big difference.

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  8. Sausage-Fest.com Says:

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