Jul 07

Fuck This Shit, I Need A Fucking Cigarette.


Part 7 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


Because Tourette’s and nicotine addiction are funny. And as for the title, “Fuck This Shit, I Need A Fucking Cigarette,” I was thinking of making that slogan into a pin (the second set of SF pins).

And if you don’t recall, the reason Aaron is stuffing sandwiches into ZCC’s toaster slots is this. See? Full circle.

Feb 07

Valentine’s Day Cards 2007!

It’s that time of year again: printable, cuttable, giveable Valentine’s Day Cards! Thanks to Tim, Todd, Tim, and Jeff for inspiring me with some of the cards.For more Valentine’s Day action, check out previous years’ cards:

  • Valentines 2006.
  • Valentines 2005.
  • Valentines 2005, again.
  • Valentines 2004.
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    Feb 07

    Frighteningly True Stories: Volume 9: Smoke Off.

    Based on a story my friend told me.

    Feb 07

    Wear a Coat, Goddammit!

    Alright, alright — I’m back in the game for real this time; I already have a few comics inked and uploaded to the server. So what’s the inspiration? Well, for one thing, my friend Tim Eggerding has been EGG-ERDINGING me on to get off my ass and draw some. Also, friend and fellow DI cartoonist, Joe Martin, is planning to make a comic comeback, and like a comic vampire I am revitalized by the art and skills of others.

    So yes, in regards to today’s comic, college girls like to go out to bars wearing nothing. Sexy as it may initially appear, watching naive freshmen and sorority girls get pneumonia is kinda funny.

    May 06

    Goodnight, Goodnight (Just a Dream).

    I admit the dialogue was inspired by the last episode of “Cowboy Bebop.”

    Indie Rawk Jeffro’s Indie Rawk Blog has been updated, so check it out. And let’s not forget this.

    May 06

    Every Kiss Begins with *Yurk*!

    Let’s ruin a beautiful moment.

    Call it karma for Chris setting Lizzy on fire in the “Frat Party” storyline. And honestly, if this ever happened to you, do tell!

    Oh yes… help get Sausage-Fest.com more traffic: the good people at College Humor have a link-swap program; the more people click this link, the higher the possibility new visitors will come to this page. Click! Click! Clique!

    Apr 06

    Taking Lizzy Home / Szyxgla in the Bathroom.

    The “Six Pack” is the name of 6 dorms here in Illinois. To be honest, most of the kids who live there tend to be the rowdiest bunch of partiers on campus — namely because they are the closest to both the campus bars and a primarily Greek neighborhood.

    In other news, I’ve finished some artwork of Lizzy and Caitlin. Check it out. I’ve also drawn up some 1″ buttons of Nigel and Randy, and they should be out on sale within the next few weeks.

    Nov 05

    Your Mom has the Dreaded Asian Bird Flu Virus.

    The Asian Bird Flu Virus is great comedic material.

    Nov 05
    Oct 05

    The Anatomy of Nigel and Randy.

    A lot of people ask what exactly are Nigel and Randy, physically. Well, folks, here’s your answer.

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