Aug 05


The chicken/bookstore stuff is a reference to this comic.

Aug 05

Incoming Freshmen.

This was published on the first Friday before the 2005 Fall Semester began, and I can assure you all the incoming students went out and partied that night.Oh freshmen…

Artistically speaking, I enjoyed drawing the leaves’ shadows on Nigel and Randy.

Aug 05

Obligatory Student Introductions.

Don’t you find those obligatory student introductions on the first day of class so interesting? Personally, I like making up stories.This is also one of the few times Duder has not appeared with his harem.

May 05

We Need a Toaster / The Sixth Roommate.

The Sausage-Fest crew gains a 6th roommate, ZCC. In later comics, however, ZCC’s face appears on the toaster; I love drawing his face, namely stippling in his beard.

And so ends year 2.

Apr 05

Doom Doom Doom Doom.

The lyrics are from Alkaline Trio’s “Mercy Me.” At the time, the real ZCC was into that song.

In this comic, I wanted to include something with Optimus Prime, “Death Missiles of Annihilation,” and Anime Mecha-style missile attacks.

Apr 05

It’s Like A Little Comic Reunion.

The second panel features characters from Daily Illini cartooists who once graced the paper: (from left) Joe Martin’s “Boy,” Jacob Angel and Oliver Chang’s “Best Friends Club,” Paige Dickinson’s “Playing with Plastic,” and Matt Vroom’s “I Hate Pam.”

Vroom was infamous for the “Jew Nose” comic that sparked a lot of controversy not only in Champaign-Urbana, but the nation as well.

Apr 05

I Like the Word “Amok.”

All senior engineering students have to design and work on a final project. They often have a company sponsor their final projects.

Also, for your information, LAS stands for “Liberal Arts and Sciences,” and LAS majors remain rivals to engineering students.

I also must reiterate that I like the word “amok.”

Apr 05

Smashtastic Destructo-Bot.

Smashtastic Destructo-Bot was first introduced (or constructed) here, during the “Rules of Attraction” storyline.

Oh, and it wasn’t the final storyline; just the last one of the school year.

Apr 05

A Completely Non-Sequitur April Fool’s Comic.

This year for April Fool’s Day, the other cartoonists and I decided to make some Mad Lib comics. Make up your own adventure, I guess.

Mar 05

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