Nov 07

ZCC and the Deathly Deaths.


Part 20 of the “Occupational Hazards” Story Arc.


It’s been a long, long time since I’ve drawn ZCC’s real, human form and Death. Death has always been a fun character to draw, and this time I made her wings more bone-ish rather than just weird-looking spikes. Her character’s design has, in Project Runway speak, been “fashion forward,” and I like drawing her with today’s trends in mind. And don’t expect this to be her last experience; I have big plans for her and nearly all of the main cast in a future, very significant storyline.

As you might know from “The End Of The Road” story arc, ZCC’s body was blown to smithereens. I took notice of the fact that his body doesn’t exist anymore, making it impossible for him to return to his original form. Of course, that’s not going to stop him from being reincarnated.

I’m playing around with the concepts of physical death, the afterlife, and even theology a little, and ZCC’s storyline is just a way to fully express my creative writing skills.

4 Responses to “ZCC and the Deathly Deaths.”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Oh sure, it’s easy to pick on Britney these days. But you know what? I’d still milk that money tree.

  2. sara. Says:

    Death in the third frame, with the cigarette and the “for fuck’s sake” remark is pure x-tina. Am I right?

  3. phillip retuta Says:

    Hm, no, but I suppose it could be. She does look like a skull, right?

  4. Sausage-Fest.com Says:

    […] storyline: 1) Chris is looking for a new job, 2) Jeffro and ZCC are trying to start a new band, so ZCC strikes a deal with Death and Jesus, and 3) Nigel has been depressed ever since the disappearance of his friend/partner Randy. […]

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