Jul 07

Tim Is 24, I Guess…

It’s my friend Tim’s birthday, so I decided to draw a comic with him in it. There are a lot of inside jokes (engineering stuff, Little Tim’s short stature, etc), so I don’t expect everyone to find this comic drop-on-the-floor-LOL funny.

And don’t think for a second that I’m only drawing comics for friends’ birthdays — I’ll call you ignorant. It may seem that lately I’ve been drawing comics for special events, but COME NEXT MONDAY, I’m starting a new storyline. Furthermore, since I’m all gradu-amated, I’ll be churning out FIVE comics a week. You heard right, deaf-o! FIVE COMICS A WEEK.

…of course, that is until I find a job.

3 Responses to “Tim Is 24, I Guess…”

  1. t-bone Says:

    My love for you is like a klein bottle.. same inside and out.

  2. Liney Says:

    Philip, I expect a cartoon with me in it. And I will tell you why. First, I replied to your email about getting a Christmas compilation cd, and NEVER RECEIVED ONE. Neither did Jenna, fyi. We were both devastated. Second, you were in my city and did not call. We could have done karaoke. Put me in a comic, biatch.

  3. t-bone Says:

    Boo Liney. Hooray Me.

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