Jun 06


I’LL UPDATE WHENVEVER I WANT — which, luckily for you, is today. I’m continuing the whole “Oakley Cupid Introduction” story arc, starting with how Oakley lost his eye.

So what have I been doing during my unexpected absence? The usual, you know… drugs, sex, and marauding the streets with crowbars. I’ve also resumed working on the first official Sausage-Fest book, “Whiskey and Pills,” after my friend Allan kept asking me about it. It will definitely come out this late summer/fall since I have finally gathered all the comics I needed to include (for instance, the “Rules of Attraction” storyline). I’ve also decided to rework some of the material, like the cover and the written parts.

I’ve also drawn/pressed 7, 1-inch Sausage-Fest buttons. Now you can be stylish AND funny!

Once I get the store all set up, you can buy them for US$1.00 each or US$5.00 for all seven. More goodies, surprises, and news within the next following days, and I promise you, more art and comics!

3 Responses to “FUCK ALL Y’ALL BLOGS!”

  1. sara. Says:

    Glad to see you back, Phil.

  2. Sausage-Fest.com Says:

    […] By and by, the buttons came in and I am willing to sell them. Email me (or check out this post) for details. […]

  3. Sausage-Fest.com Says:

    […] #1: “It’s Almost Summer.” #2: “Just Us Rabbits.” #3: “Oakley Cupid.” #4: “FUCK ALL Y’ALL BLOGS!” #5: “Nigel, Interrupted.” […]

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